About the task force

The COVID-19 Technology Task Force (CTTF) is a broad technology industry coalition designed to support the public sector with the engineering talent and resources to beat COVID-19 and advocate for forward-thinking policies that accelerate society’s recovery.

The task force serves simultaneously as the contact point among tech companies producing solutions to respond and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and between the tech industry and the public sector to identify and fulfill public needs.

Founded in March 2020, the task force is focusing its initial efforts on developing and advancing solutions around issues including: privacy-preserving exposure notification and contact tracing; health certification; social isolation and mental health; future of work innovations; and privacy and ethics.

With a membership comprised of leading technology companies, operating executives, advisors, and investors spanning all sectors of the industry, the task force welcomes those entities prepared to commit talent, compute, data, and other technical resources.


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Government agency or NGO needing help?

Contact [email protected]

Industry member looking to get involved?

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What is this group?

A tech industry collaboration to bring engineering talent, energy, and resources to bear to fight COVID-19 in the United States and around the world.

What does joining the task force entail?

You must be a tech company and be willing to commit talent, compute, data, and other technical resources. These contributions are collaborative and voluntary.

What do I need to do to ask the task force for help?

If you are a public official reaching out in an official capacity or a NGO leader reaching out in an official capacity, we’re eager to help. Please send a note to the group with as much information as you can provide. 

We only ask that as we work to help address your needs you continue to engage closely with the group in defining requirements, timelines, and answer necessary questions.

Epidemiologists and medical researchers looking for data access or compute?

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Media inquiries

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